May 9, 2016




Virginia provides competitive rates through tax and utility incentives. If you are currently a VA resident, 30% your system is paid for in addition to property Tax exemption and a competitive utility solar purchase program. Please see below our pricing for VA residents.

System Size Estimated Cost 30% Federal Tax Credit Cost After Incentives Percentage Paid For By Incentives
1.8Kw $5,760 $1,728 $4,032 30%
2.8Kw $8,960 $2,688 $6,272 30%
4.4Kw $14,080 $4,224 $9,856 30%
6.0Kw $18,600 $5,580 $13,020 30%
8.4Kw $25,200 $7,560 $17,640 30%

The rates above reflect standard efficiency 265 watt Canadian Solar modules installed with Enphase Energy micro-inverters.

SRECs: Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs) are tradable objects, which each represent 1000 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of solar energy generated by your solar renewable energy system. Number of SRECs produced depend on the size of your solar system. Allowing Solar Solution to purchase these credits from you will reduce your out of pocket cost and lower your return on investment. Virginia does not currently provide SREC’s for its state, but SREC’s generated in Virginia may be sold in other states such as Pennsylvania and Ohio.

Dominion Virginia Power – Solar Purchase Program: In March 2013, the Virginia State Corporation Commission approved a rate program for Dominion Virginia Power customers that install solar PV systems. The rate was approved at 15 cents per kWh with a 5 year contract. Both residential and nonresidential customers are eligible for the program. The program is capped 3 MW, with 60% of the capacity reserved for residential customers and 40% reserved for nonresidential customers. Customers must install a separate meter for the PV system and sell all of the generation back to Dominion. Customers will pay a charge for the meter. Application materials are available on the program web site. The program is considered a pilot program that will last for 5 years, at which point the Dominion will decide whether or not to move forward with a permanent program.

Solar Property Tax Exemption: Beginning on January 1, 2015 Virginia will exempt solar systems from all state and local taxes in accordance with H 1239 passed in 2014.

Beginning January 1, 2015 all solar facilities under 20 MW and certified with either a local building authority or the Department of Environmental Quality are exempt from state and local taxes. The law broadly defines eligible solar facilities as “any property, including real or personal property, equipment, facilities, or devices…designed and used primarily for the purpose of collecting, generating, transferring, or storing thermal or electric energy.”

Federal Tax Credit
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What you receive:

  1. Free proposal- no strings attached
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  3. High quality, durable solar panel system with up to a 25 year bumper to bumper warranty

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