Testimonials: Non-Profit

May 9, 2016

Christ Church, SE Washington DC

System size: 43KW

Annual Production: 6000Kwh

Estimated Savings Yearly: $840

“Adding solar energy to our church has been a great experience for the congregation. So much so, that it lead congregate members obtain solar energy for their own homes.”

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Partnership with Habitat for Humanity (2013)

System size: 312KW

Annual Production: 374,000Kwh

Estimated Savings Yearly: $52,360

Through our partnership with Habitat for Humanity, we were able to install 57 solar systems. This is equivalent to 202,644 pounds of coal not burnt and CO2 equivalent of 4, 837 tree seedlings grown for 10 years.

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Partnership with the DC Sustainable Energy Utility – DCSEU (2014)

System size: 196KW

Annual Production: 235,200Kwh

Estimated Savings Yearly: $32,928

Through the installation of 49 systems we were able to offset the consumption of 18,249 gallons of gasoline per year and the burning of 174,202 lbs. of coal.

Further, an additional 275 projects have been completed in partnership with the DCSEU during 2015 and 2015!

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