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Solar Systems

 solar system

Homeowners and business owners who take advantage of available tax credits and grants can own a solar system with no out-of-pocket expenses. With your solar system, you can enjoy the cost-saving advantage of generating your own solar energy for decades. You will also reduce your carbon output by cutting down on the amount of electricity you buy from utility companies. The financial benefits of investing in solar in DC are currently unbeatable. Contact a Solar Solution representative and discover just how great your savings can be with governmental tax credit incentives and grants.

The federal government currently offers our business a 30% tax credit on the purchase of any photovoltaic solar panels installed on residents, with no size limit on the incentive. There is an unlimited amount of rebate available with this law that is in effect until 2016. This tax rebate together with other incentives, including a DC solar grant, erases the cost of a solar system.


The District of Columbia offers one of the best rebates for alternative energy for its residents. If you are currently a DC resident, your system is paid for in full within the first 4 years. The District Department of the Environment (DDOE), which is a leading environmental authority in the DC area, provides 50 per watt towards the purchase of a solar system. To be placed on the list to receive your rebate, click here.

Please see below our pricing for DC residents who have over 70% to 80% of the total system costs paid for on the first day of installation:

Estimated Cost 30% Federal Tax Credit DC Solar Grant SREC Credit OUT OF POCKET COST
1.8 Kw  $7,380.00  $2,214.00  $900.00 $2,520 $1,746.00
2.8 Kw  $11,452.00  $3,435.00  $1,400.00 $3,920 $2,697.00
4.4 Kw  $17,732.00  $5,319.00  $2,200.00 $6,160 $4,053.00
6.0 Kw  $23,100.00  $6,930.00  $3,000.00 $8,400 $4,770.00
8.4 Kw  $32,088.00  $9,626.00  $4,200.00 $11,760 $6,502.00
Experience a Lifetime of Cost Savings with a Solar System while Helping Save Our Environment



The State of Maryland has a flat rebate of $1,000 per site for homeowners to be used towards the purchase of a solar PV array installed by professional solar technicians. When the funds have been allocated, there is a waiting list that your name will be placed on so that you will automatically be enrolled the following year or when funds become available.


The State of Virginia, unfortunately, does not currently have any type of grant available to its residents. We strongly urge you to contact your local Congressman or Governor regarding this issue. The State of Virginia has always been on the forefront of change and yet is falling behind other states in the matter of providing incentives for solar power installations. Make your voice heard.