How It Works

Solar Solution modules

1. Solar Solution Modules

Solar Solution modules mounted on the roof or ground mounted array converts natural sun power into clean renewable energy in Washington DC.

2. Inverter

Solar DC current is sent to a device called an inverter (or power converter) which converts DC power from the solar modules to AC power identical to that being sent to you from the utility grid. There are currently two types of inverters available; one is a micro inverter and the other is a central inverter. Ask one of our sales representatives, who will be glad to explain the benefits of both systems.

3. Electrical Panel

Power travels from the inverter to your breaker box or electrical service panel, where it is distributed to electrical loads throughout your facility and home.

4. Utility Grid

Excess power produced by the solar panels in Washington flows into the grid through your electric meter, causing your meter to run backwards and gaining you a credit with the utility company. This is referred to as “Net Metering.”

5. Net Metering

Net metering is an agreement between a utility company and a customer with a clean energy source such as solar panels in Washington DC. These contracts are negotiated between the utility companies and state governments, and the purpose is to require utility companies to purchase a certain amount of energy from alternative power supplies such as solar energy or wind technology.