Solar Lease

May 6, 2016

You can now lease panels with Solar Solution requiring no money out of pocket for the panels or the installation. All you pay is the power the panels produce at a cheaper rate from Pepco. Save hundreds of dollars per year with this option with absolutely no money up front, and after the lease period is over, KEEP THE PANELS FOR FREE! Only in Washington DC. All systems come with a 25 year warranty. No credit check required. No lien hold.


What is a Solar Lease?

Solar Lease is the most effective and least out of pocket option for customers who are thinking about going green and reducing their electric bill. The panels are installed for free to produce clean electricity right on the roof. The customer only pays for the power the panels produce at a reduced rate when compared to the current electric utility rate. The electricity produced by the solar panels will be connected directly into your home and you will never notice a difference. Now that you are generating a portion of your electricity on-site, your utility bill with decrease substantially (depending on how many panels are installed). Now instead of paying the utility for that portion of power at their regular rates, you would pay Solar Solution for it at a discounted locked-in rate. You will be provided a fixed, low, predictable rate for the solar power produced for the lease term of 15 years. With that our customers save more money every year as standard electric rates rise. At the end of the leasing term, the system ownership will be transferred to the home owner at no cost.

Save money on your existing power bills by simply switching to a clean source of energy with Solar Solution.

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What is included?


With Solar Solution’s Solar Lease Program, we provide a solar system that is custom tailored to fit your home at zero cost. We will perform a site evaluation and design a custom solar system that works with your needs and answer any question you may have.


A team of our experienced solar professionals will install your panels- racking and materials included. Most installations take only under a day to complete.


We will complete all of the necessary paperwork with the utility company and the city to get you on your way to producing green energy as quickly as possible! No credit checks required! And no lien is placed on your property!

Maintenance & Monitoring

Solar Solution provides all necessary maintenance, upgrades and repairs for the lifetime of the lease. The home owner will also have free online monitoring so that they can see exactly what they are producing in real time and see the savings accumulate. The system is covered under Solar Solution’s insurance, which means the solar installation will not increase your insurance premium.


During the lease term, you get to enjoy electricity without worrying about the cost of the panels. At the end of the lease term, the panels are transferred over to you for absolutely free!