D.C. Solar Solution Program

May 6, 2016

With the D.C. Solar Solution Program, you can now have panels installed on your roof with no money out of pocket. All you pay is the power the panels produce at a rate guaranteed at a minimum 25% cheaper than Pepco’s current electric rates, and locked in for up to 15 years. Save hundreds of dollars per year with this option with absolutely no money up front, no credit checks, or income limits; and after the program term is over (15 years), YOU KEEP THE PANELS FOR FREE! Only in Washington DC. All systems come with a 25 year warranty.



What is the D.C. Solar Solution Program & how does it work?

Pursuant to the Renewable Portfolio Standard Expansion Amendment Act of 2016, effective October 8, 2016, (D.C. Law 21-154;63 DCR 12926) (Act) which established that 5% of electricity delivered in the District of Columbia must be provided by solar by December 31, 2032.

The D.C. Solar Solution Program was established with an initiative to support this Act by providing solar panels installed at no upfront cost on properties located in the District of Columbia, and charge the ‘Host’ (property owner or tenant) for the solar power produced at a low, fixed rate, much lower than utility rates to help save residents money on electric expenses, lower dependency on utility fossil fuel-based electricity, and further lower the carbon footprint of D.C. properties.

With this program, you do not own the solar system on your home. You, ’the Host’ buys electricity from the Contractor/Provider which installs, owns, and maintains the panels sitting on your roof.

This program is a win-win situation for everyone by alleviating the burden of high upfront costs to going solar. Now residents can act to save our planet by going green and saving money on their electric expenses with no upfront cost, or other tedious qualification factors such as credit checks and income verification’s.


Details of the D.C. Solar Solution Program

The program is available to all D.C. property owners, or renters with landlord approval.

  • The first and most obvious advantage of this program is that you don’t have to come up with a large sum of cash to pay the large upfront capital cost to buy a system. Solar Solution provides a zero down solar program where your monthly payments are lower than the amount you save on your utility bill, so you profit each month without ever making an upfront investment. I don’t think people realize how rare it is to be able to make a profit, even a small one, without laying out any investment up front!
  • A second advantage, your solar payment made monthly is based only on the power produced by solar panels placed on your roof. So if the panels are not producing electricity for you, you don’t pay anything. The solar rate charged is anywhere between 25% to 50% below the rate the utility charges you. Depending on how many panels you install, savings could be in the thousands each year.
  • A third advantage to this program is that the contractor is responsible for maintenance of the panels. This means that as the homeowner you do not have to worry about equipment failure.
  • The program is available to all D.C. property owners, or renters with landlord approval.
  • No income verification required for qualification.
  • No credit checks required.
  • No property lien will be placed on the property.
  • If the Host moves from the property, the program can be continued with the new Host at the property after their approval, or program can be terminated and panels will be removed from the property with no penalty or fee.
  • All solar panel maintenance will be at the responsibility of the Contractor for the 15 year term.
  • At the end of the 15 year term, all payments stop and Host will own the system.
  • All systems will be supplied with a 25 year warranty.


What is included?


With Solar Solution’s Solar Lease Program, we provide a solar system that is custom tailored to fit your home at zero cost. We will perform a site evaluation and design a custom solar system that works with your needs and answer any question you may have.


A team of our experienced solar professionals will install your panels- racking and materials included. Most installations take only under a day to complete.


We will complete all of the necessary paperwork with the utility company and the city to get you on your way to producing green energy as quickly as possible. No credit checks required. And no lien is placed on your property.

Maintenance & Monitoring

Solar Solution provides all necessary maintenance, upgrades and repairs for the lifetime of the lease. The home owner will also have free online monitoring so that they can see exactly what they are producing in real time and see the savings accumulate.


During the term of the program, you get to enjoy electricity without worrying about the cost of the panels. At the end of the program term, the panels are transferred over to you for absolutely free!