Solar Lease

Solar Lease
Solar Solution offers a way for homeowners in our region to install solar power systems, at zero cost. Why pay for the actual cost of the solar panels and inverter when all you need to do is pay for the electricity that is generated at a fraction of what you are currently paying the utility? This option allows customers to not only reduce their electric bills, but also gives them the ability to help reduce their carbon footprint by giving them an option to purchase clean renewable energy that is generated at your home.


With Solar Solutions | Solar Lease Program, we provide free of charge, a solar system that is custom tailored to fit your home and your needs at zero cost. We will perform a site inspection and design a custom Solar system that works with your needs and can answer any question you may have.


All you pay for with the Solar Solution | Solar Lease program is the electricity that is generated from the solar panels. This gives customers in the Washington DC Metropolitan area the ability to save anywhere from 30 to 50% off their current utility bills with no upfront cost.

Solar Package

Installation and maintenance by trained solar technicians are part of the lease package. Solar Solution provides all necessary maintenance, upgrades and repairs for the lifetime of the lease. After the end of the lease, the solar system is donated to the home owner at zero cost. The home owner will also have free online monitoring so that they can see exactly what they are producing in real time and see the savings accumulate. The system is covered under our insurance, which means the solar installation will not increase your insurance premium.

Payment Options:

We offer several options for the electricity produced by the solar panels installed on your home and we believe you will find one that meets your financial goals. Pre-paid packages are available which offer heavily discounted rates that are typically 60% to 70% below the current market. Other packages allow you to pay a small set fee for electricity generated; these packages typically amount to $100 to $300 per quarter, depending upon the size of your solar system.