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May 6, 2016


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by imdkchaney on Solar Solution LLC
2 Thumbs up!

It's been a great experience from beginning to now. The person I worked with explained the process, my options. He was, and really still is accessible for questions. And I am saving money each month. Half or more of what I was spending on my electric bill.

by herb_gilbert on Solar Solution LLC
Free and In Control

I started researching the possibility of installing solar energy at my home in May of 2016. My youngest, of three son came home from one of his many visits to the public library excited about solar energy. He convinced me to go to a District of Columbia Solar Co-op meeting on the topic. At the meeting, I met other homeowners in my community that were interested in getting solar energy. The group put me in touch with Solar Solution. Solar Solution sent one of their representatives, Ms. Kathleen Deporter to my home. She answered all my questions and explained the process regarding Leasing Vs. Owning a system. I chose to own my system. The install went smoothly. No problems or surprises. The installers were quick, professional, and left my home the way they found it. In July of 2016 my home went online with solar power. It's been a blessing to not worry about high electric bills and to know that i made great investment. "Free and in Control", it feels great. Solar Solution has been there thoughtout the whole process. Community Solar Co-op group in my community is great also. I would have never tried solar energy without being able to talk with people like myself who were already enjoying benefits of solar power.

by mgrace9843 on Solar Solution LLC
A Great Installation That is saving us money and reducing load on the grid

Solar solution as a pleasure to work with throughout the whole experience from sales presentation to contract negotiation to installation to support.They were good for their word and stood behind their work. I would highly recommend them for doing a solar panel installation.

by carolbooker on Solar Solution LLC
Unique approach; superior performance; Solar Solution

When you invest in a solar panel array for your home, you want to rely not only on the quality of the panels, but also on the integrity and performance of the people who put them on your roof. Our choice was a local company with unequaled experience installing the systems on D.C.’s flat roofs. One of the key reasons we chose Solar Solution was their method of using a weighted system to hold the array in place, rather than puncturing the roof with nails - a method most other companies were too eager to employ, despite its unsuitability on roofs where punctures are likely to cause leaks over time. Since installing the system in May 2016, Solar Solution has been responsive to all of our questions, and has guided us through the process of selling our solar renewable energy credits (SRECS). We would recommend no other company to our D.C. neighbors. Carol Booker

by sarah on Solar Solution LLC
Solar panels

We are very happy with our twelve 2-3 year old solar panels installed on our flat-roof row house by Solar Solution. The installation process was smooth and they have to come to check on them since. No problems.

by tlalley on Solar Solution LLC
Straight forward and cost effective

My wife and I had a small amount of money left over from a spate of home improvement projects after we bought our house. We looked into solar and it was just a bit too costly. Solar Solution crafted a great deal which entailed looping us into a neighborhood bulk buy of solar. The installation was drama-free and the system has operated perfectly ever since. Solar Solution also helped me with a billing dispute I had with my local utility.

by subir.lall on Solar Solution LLC
Transparent information and seamless execution

My interactions with Solar Solutions were well above expectations . The representative was knowledgeable, courteous and responsive and answered all questions clearly and in a balanced fashion. He did not oversell or exaggerate anything. The installation was also done in a day with no hiccups. I am very satisfied with the service which is now nearly two years and has more than delivered on energy efficiency. Very happy I supported a local company which is very professional and was a pleasure to interact with.

by regan.mayo on Solar Solution LLC
Excellent Experience

I had a wonderful experience with Solar Solution. Antonio (my contact) was always responsive and explained my options clearly. Installation went smoothly and everything is working wonderfully. I would definitely recommend Solar Solution to friends.

by nikoia_greene on Solar Solution LLC
Great customer service and great results!

From the beginning of the process through installation and beyond, the customer service was outstanding. Kathleen was extremely responsive to all requests and was very patient with all of my questions. She thoroughly explained the process from beginning to end and my experience a great one. It has been a few months and I can see a huge reduction in my energy bills already. I would highly recommend!

by rabbifred on Solar Solution LLC
went through DC SUN (with Community Power Network); had great experience

Good customer service, smooth installation, no challenges or issues two years on. A great eco-decision, and equally great financial investment (payback period getting shorter by the year as DC REC's maintain value). Enjoyed working with the good folks at Solar Solutions. And would recommend to everyone going in on a group co-op bid, like those organized via the Community Power Network, with whom Solar Solutions worked well.

by debbie.buchanan on Solar Solution LLC
Excellent Customer Service - Goes Above and Beyond!

We were so surprised to hear from Solar Solutions when one of our panels wasn't working. They let us know and scheduled to come out and assess the problem - no charge! Great company, great service! Highly recommended!

by theschwelbs on Solar Solution LLC
Love those panels

I'm delighted with my solar panels. They were installed quickly and professionally, and they have significantly reduced my Pepco bills. A great investment.

by bigmuls on Solar Solution LLC
Great experience

Solar Solution was great to work with and continues to provide excellent service for our residential solar system.

by michellemundt on Solar Solution LLC
Solar Solution Made Going Solar a Breeze!

We used Solar Solution to install solar panels on our roof and they made the process very easy for us. From design and permitting to installation and getting our panels connected to the internet, the people we worked with were knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. We would highly recommend them.

by paul.montesano on Solar Solution LLC
Efficient installations; easy to work with

Solar Solution has done fantastic work on both of the occasions I have used their services. On each occasion, the initial install and then a few years later a system take-down and reinstall associated with roof work I had done, their workers and associates were very kind and responsive. The workers were careful and thorough, moving surprisingly quickly and responding to weather related surprises. Easily, a five star worthy job each time I've dealt with them.

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